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  I love /k/.  It's one of the more interesting (if slightly insane) areas of the intarwebz.  I was browsing through and fell upon a humor thread, of which I have culled the best and here I present them for your perusal and enjoyment (click to embiggen).  
   First up, Trolling the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (hhhaawk-ptui!), with Opah Rater and his cousin Mois T. Nougat



  I don't know if this BCPGV ad is real or a shoop, but I find it hilarious.

If the Brady's and their ilk were a super hero they's be...

And if they could shape the law in their own image.

 Pretty certain they think these are the rules of gun safety.

  Like all of 4chan, /k/ delights in pointing out the stupidity of people.  Beginning with the formerly Great Britain.

The press.

The police.


And Mitchell's Mausers (not a /k/ approved vendor),

Of course, /k/ is not above tweeking their own nose.

  Helpful /k/ shows you where you need improvement.

Creative bastards, /k/omandos are, and believers in Murphy's First Law of War. They never let common sense stand in the way of a good idea.

  Sometimes They point out truth that is so horrifying, you have to laugh, or start crying.

  Of course, sometimes they make you laugh until you start crying.

  So remember boys and girls, when you need advice, don't go to /k/ but if you want an overabundance of opinion, fact and warped humor, feel free to stop by.  Because:

All images were found on /k/ and are used without permission of their owners.  If you really don't like it, tell me and I'll pull it.

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