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Hokey ancient statist religions are no match for a good free-market blaster at your side, kid.
-The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit


Two of Four Downed by Three

The owner/proprietor of the Kaplan Brothers Blue Flame Corporation in Harlem NY, NY was being robbed on the 13th by four men. They apparently strode in just after 1500 hrs and began to restrain Charles Augusto Jr.'s employees. When one of then put up a bit of resistance, he was hit on the head with a Glock.

Seeing one of his employees assaulted either convinced the "mild mannered" owner that his people were in danger of immanent harm, or merely provided him with an opportunity. An opportunity that he took.

Rising from a chair some 20-30 feet away from the action, Mr. Augusto (Gus as he is known around the neighborhood) pulled out a 12 gauge Winchester pump (purchased after a robbery 20 years ago, and had lain untouched since) and fired three rounds (apparently fast enough that a nearby witness claims to only have heard two shots) at the perps. The first round killed James Morgan (29), while the other two wounded all three of the others. Raylin Footman (21) ran across the street and died on the sidewalk in front of a housing project. The other two; Bernard Witherspoon and Shamel McCloud were soon arrested.

This is not what I wanted to talk to you about.

I wanted to talk to you about the after effects of this event.

Reactions of the friends and family of the brigands ranged from prayer to bereaved bafflement. One woman wondered why they [the robbers] would want to rob a store, when "he [one of the robbers] got money".

Neighbors of the "laid-back, unexcitable" Gus, were confused and sympathetic. The president of the housing project seemed perplexed that anyone would try a hold up in broad daylight. One of the resident's voiced the opinion that "You have to protect your workers and your family. Case closed.”

The police did not arrest or charge Mr. Agusto Jr. with any crime, saying that "he is being treated like a witness".

At first the DA's office was considering filing a weapons misdemeanor against Gus, because the status of his weapon was unclear. But it turned out that Gus had obtained the needful permit for the shotgun, way back when he acquired it, and no charges were filed.

After retuning to work, Gus' only regret was "I wish I didn't have to do it."


The cops don't think he's a criminal, the neighbors think he's a hero for saving his employees, even the kith and kin of the wounded and deceased are more confused as to why the men chose to enter into brigandage than angry with Mr. Agusto jr.

Only the DA even contemplated jerking this guy around. An with what? A misdemeanor weapons charge for not having a lawfully permitted weapon.

Which then turned out to be lawfully permitted.

Even the comments on the news story are supportive. Except for that goatfucker Gregory A. Butler (comment #4) and his shit was well and truly jumped by damned near every other commentator after that.

Apparently not everyone in NYC is a bleeding heart. Many people there seem to understand, when you take up arms to rob, rape, murder and plunder, you take your life in your hands. And you live or die by your own actions.

This is what we gunnies refer to when we talk about defending ourselves. Gus wasn't out looking for trouble, or even participating in high risk activities like Bernie Goetz (who's only conviction eventually turned out to be for not having a license for his piece).

He was in his place of business, minding the same, when four men came in and began to act in a violent and disturbing manner. Ask anyone in a position to know; PD, professional criminals, DAs, robbery victims, you want money, you walk in, stick the piece in somebodies face, and get the cash. Then you "flee the scene".

You DO NOT tie people up. Not only does this exponentially increase the amount of trace evidence you leave behind, but increased exposure time, means increased failure probability.

You DO tie people up if you intend one or more of the following;

ritual murder
serial murder
suicide by cop.

I applaud Charles Augusto Jr. for his bravery, ability, and foresightedness. This is a MAN. And one I would not mind standing to a beer.

I note that neither the Huffpo nor Brady blogs even mention this event (despite the fact that it was at the top of my news filter). I guess that honest people doing the right thing with legal guns isn't good for their image.

Oh and fuck what that Jersey City Police Chief said pump shotguns are NOT assault weapons. The only time that any one has even come close to succeeding with an assault shotgun is Military Police Systems, Inc. with the AA-12. Which is like comparing a Sharps Buffalo Rifle to a S.A.W.

By this kind of reasoning, if you burn yourself on the stove, you should get rid of it and never cook again.

Enjoy your Fruit Loops for dinner!


A Year and a Day

All right, all right, so it's actually been only 10 months and 21 days, but still... It's been a rough year, one that has left me little time for recreation, much less the blog. But I am back and hopefully, firmly seated in the saddle. We shall see.