Meet Mr. Lance Thomas

First you should watch the video, then continue reading the post. Go on, I'll wait.

Now then.

I'd like to start off by saying I bloody well love talking heads "...a real life Charles Bronson..." you mean he's imaginary? I think she meant to reference Paul Kersey, the character Charles Bronson played in the Death Wish movies.

Draw your attention to his first words "I refuse to be a victim of violent crime." and again to 1:30 where he says "I decided not to be a victim..." and again pay attention at 5:40 where he says "...my life is too precious for that ..." and lastly to Mr. Thomas's words at 7:45 "A man must live by his principle, and who he is, not what he is ... There are things in this life more important that what we own, and that is, the principal which we live by." These are wise words, from a man who has seen the elephant.

So practice with your weapons, learn every useful tactic you can and prepare yourself and your surroundings so that if you find yourself staring at the business end of a Glock, you'll have prepared as best you can to survive. And even if you should die, then perhaps you'll have kept your loved ones from harm.

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Wow, just wow.