An Introduction to the Blogger

Ahoy there!

You can call me Rau├░bjorn. I'm an average guy, living in The Last Frontier, and I decided to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, as the case may be) to express my beliefs and opinions in the hope that I would find that I am not alone in them. Before we start you should know a bit about me and my background.

My parents were college educated but neither was what you'd call priveleged, my father earning his degree while in the Air Force. I have lived in four radically different states (Idaho, Alabama, Alaska and Arizona), and hear me true when I say that Alaska was by far the best of the lot. I was raised as a Southern Baptist, but soon say the errors of my ways and since have found a better way in Asatr├║.

I have always been a beliver in violence as a solution, but I also know that violence must be channeled and focused in order to be useful. I grew up reading Louis L'amour novels, tales of chivalry during the middle ages and stories about the samurai of Feudal Japan. I've leared a lot about each period of history since that's stripped the gilding from my childhood memories. Still, many of the concepts stick with me; Honor, Courtesy, Proficiency, Industry.

I am a student of history, philosophy and reality. I think that there are no things man was not meant to know, and that while it is not possible for any one person to know everything, all things are knowable.

I will enter into reasonable (and even unreasonable) discourse with anyone, on any topic ya'll care to name. From time to time I will posit my opinion on an issue, but you know what they say about opinions.