What I Believe: Crime and Punishment

If a crime has no victim, how can it be a crime? Crimes like drug possession (but not DUI induced vehicle crashes), solicitation (unless the sex worker is a minor) and suicide really ain’t crimes. Who is the government to regulate what manner you destroy yourself, or intoxicate yourself, or interfere in a transaction of any nature between two consenting adults (except perhaps, to regulate fair trade and fair hiring practices). Therefore, if there is no victim, then there is no crime, and hence, no criminal.

It is cruel and inhumane to incarcerate a person, to treat them like an animal, caged and led about on a leash like a vicious dog. It is especially inhumane to incarcerate non-violent offenders with violent ones. Under most circumstances, non-violent offenders can simply be required to make restitution for any damages or loss incurred as a result of their actions. It might be therapeutic for the victims of violent crime to be allowed to choose between restitution and equitable retribution. Many an assault victim might be better served by giving their attacker a thorough thrashing than through any kind of state mandated incarceration or monetary restitution.

Many violent offenders can be rehabilitated via counseling, mandatory restitution and temporary supervision as to the rules of society. A halfway house that requires (and offers) therapy and re-enforces the basic rules of society, not at a minimum standard, but a reasonably high one. Failure to abide by these rules should result in revocation of citizenship and deportation. Attempts to return illegally should be treated as proof of the violent felon’s intent to inflict further harm to our society.

Occasionally, violent offenders are either so dangerous (serial killers) or so obdurate (repeat violent offenders) that we cannot responsibly allow them to roam the earth. Rather than inhumanely incarcerate them, and incur a debt to the society that they have spurned and violated the hospitality of, it would be kinder to them and safer for us to simply execute them; quickly, efficiently and publicly.

The visible public reminder that life is hard will help to re-enforce that we, as a society, do not fuck around with our public safety.

EDIT: DUI must result in an accident.