Gun Porn from the Gunshow

Went to the Gunshow over the weekend (August 2nd & 3rd), the overall turnout was lower than I expected, kind of weak actualy. But what can you expect when the total amount of advertising was one ad in the clasifieds, one 4 inch ad in the local "free"
paper and one internet ad. The Sullivan Arena, where the event was held didn't even carry it on their list of events. Most of the vendors were of the private and "garage sale" variety. Conspicuously absent were any of the "big" local gun stores.

One of the niftiest tables at the show was the Alaska Machine Gun Association expo. These guys are all about the recreational shooting of machineguns and are prepared to tell you all about how you too, can legally own, and shoot a machine gun. Their table (really a half dozen tables that took up the better part of an aisle was strewn with a huge assortment of grade-A bang-bangs. I've showcased here a few of the most notable pieces.

Here we have a Johnson Rifle, Model of 1941, arguably a superior weapon to the M1 Garand. Notable for both it's greater magazine capacity and it's ability to reload while still in battery, not many were made (unfortunately).

Here is a veritble eastern bloc history lesson, plus one (from left to right); Mosin Nagant M91/30 sniper, Škorpion vz. 61 chambered for .32 ACP), Vz. 52 Light Machine Gun, and the PPSh-41 Submachine Gun.

Up front is what was touted as a "Finnish re-finnished" AK-47 (I can only assume it's a Valmet 62), behind that is a modern take on a classic piece of hardware, the Steyr MG-74, direct descendant of the MG-42, and peeking shyly around the back is a STEN Mk II submachine gun.

While not a firearm this Morning Star was not entirely out of place, and indeed would be a welcome critter club in my household.

That's all for now, hopefully the fall show (October 11th & 12th, Palmer State Fairgrounds) will have a better turnout.


Rauðbjorn’s Law

Rauðbjorn’s Law : Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one.

Corollary to Rauðbjorn’s Law: Everybody thinks everyone else’s stinks.

Goin' to the Gunshow, I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.