Occupy this!

I'm only gonna say this once.

An adult does not whine about what he's owed. An adult earns his way in the world. Impotently whining about "unfairness" and rageing over the "1%" accomplishes nothing and makes you look like the child you act like. Shitting on a cop car, while funny, is hardly the act of a civilized person, or even a partly civilized person for that matter. It's more of a "laughing at" than a "laughing with" gag.

All the Occupy Whatevers need to grow the fuck up and get a fucking job. Those of them not getting paid to be Occupy Whatevers, that is.

Oh and is Rosanne Barr planning on giving away her eighty million dollars, or is she planning on being "re-educated" along with the rest of the "fat cats"? Is it me, or is the idea of a multi-millionaire celebrity decrying the inequity of the wealthy just fucking rediculious?

That is all.