Force: Use & Response

The use of force is a tricky thing. First lets define force. Dictionary .com lists 36 definitions for force; almost all of them involve words like violence, strength and power. And that really is the meaning of force in this context isn't it. The strength and power to use violence to compel another to do your bidding.

So then, who can use force? Well obviously anyone can use force. The real question is who can legitimately use force to compel another? The government? Our fellow citizens? Me? You? Truthfully, the only circumstance under which force may legitimately used within a society is in the defense of life, liberty or property. This also includes the government. If a person cannot be persuaded by nothing more than logic and raised voices then force will do little more than inspire fear and resentment.

So if force is used what should the response be? If it was justified, the appropriate response would probably be to groan in pain or die. Seeing as how justified force would be used in defense of self or others, one should not fuck about. An unjustified use of force should always be met with decisive and overwhelming use of force in return.