Rauðbjorn's Axiom

Rauðbjorn's Axiom: Guns don't kill people. Violence kills people.

Corrollary to Rauðbjorn's Axiom : The only dangerous weapon is you.

Went to the range over the weekend, I'll get some pics up tomorrow, the next day, whenever.


So Tired....ZZzzzzzzz

Went to Vegas over the week end, and I'm still not fully recovered. Sorry for the lack of update, mayhap over this weekend, going shooting tomorrow, I'll try to get some pics up. Laters.


Pulled from the Headlines

Sacramento police seize guns, ammo under new law

Apparently a July 2007 law has ammunition vendors registering ammo purchases (name and thumbprint) with the Sacramento PD. They compare this info to a database of those residents that are prohibited from owning fire arms (felons, drug abusers etc.). If the names match the PD goes out to check on the situation and are able to make arrests.

In the last 6 months, 74 firearms forbidden people have purchased ammo, 62 were prior felons, 11 were repeat offenders, a total of 53 people have been charged with felonies and a total of 56 firearms and 800 rounds of ammo have been seized.


I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, keeping guns away from critters (especially repeat offenders) is a good thing. On the other hand I cringe at the thought of anyone tracking anything having to do with guns, especially ammo since at first blush it's so innocuous. On the gripping hand I noticed at the bottom of the story, that the Brady Campaign endorses this law, and as a knee jerk reaction I'm inclined to oppose it just to get another toe hold on the slippery slope that is the Second Amendment battle.

I guess the idea is that since the Second Amendment does not guarantee a right to bear ammo, they think they can get away with it. Fairly certain the law actually violates the intent though.

I can see in the future, first the anti-ammo lobbyists manage to get the National Ammunition Registration act passed, requiring each case and bullet to be micro-etched with a serial number (raising the cost of ammo to $3-$10 a round). Soon there will be an "Ammunition Cooling-Off Period" prohibiting the sale of ammunition with a firearm, and that an ammo purchaser must clear their purchase with the BATFE and wait a mandatory 3 days before the purchased ammo may be picked up.

After that it's just a hop, skip and a goose-step to making it illegal to purchase ammunition in any caliber that will fit any assault rifle or matching gun ever produced. Sure there'll be hold outs. You know, the guy on the outskirts of your neighborhood that collects used brass, reloads his own shells and casts his own bullets. In response the Brady "Anti-Terrorist/For the Children/Change You Can Believe In" Campaign will restrict any-and-all explosive material as Anti-American and subversive as well as dangerous. The following year no person will be allowed to own anything that can be used to "fabricate a firearm, ammunition for a firearm, or accoutrement for a firearm" outlawing; metal, wood, plastic leather, natural and artificial fibers, sewing machines, electricity, power and hand tools, 2/3rds of the periodic table (including oxygen), and hands.

Thus ends civilization. With no way to do anything that might be dangerous to anything, mankind devolves to his earliest state.

Eatin' bushes.

So please for the love of civilization, stand against the Brady Campaign, and their subtle and insidious plot to end civilization as we know it.

Guns at church, college next on Georgia lawmakers' agenda

This on the other hand I know how to feel about. Ahem...


It seems that Georgia state senator Timothy Bearden (R-Villa Rica) and others support the right of citizens to carry firearms just about anywhere they please. Already legislation has been enacted that allows Georgians with CCW licenses to carry firearms in state parks, on mass transit vehicles and into restaurants that serve alcohol.

The newest round of legislation is aimed at allowing those with CCWs to carry in churches and on school campuses. The last time this was brought up (2007), the VA Tech shootings occurred, putting them on hold.

This legislation is spearheaded by GeorgiaCarry.org a gun rights group in that state. GeorgiaCarry.org is also responsible for a lawsuit in response to a federal judge's decision to make the non-secure area of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport a no-carry zone.

Looks like Georgia lawmakers might have their shit together after all.

At least that's my opinion. You know what they say about opinions.


Alternate Lifestlyes, Stupid Human Tricks, and the Fallacy that Guns Make People Dangerous

I saw this and thought of the anti-gunners in my life.

And then I saw this, and this and thought of the anti-gunners in your life.

Remember, guns dodn't kill people. Being violent kills people.

Incorrect Cultural Memes

I’m just doing the good consumer thing, and having my breakfast at the Denny’s ™, when I hear those most dreaded of words floating on the scorched coffee and rubber bacon breeze; “It’s my Inalienable Right…”.

Odin’s Eye, how I hate that phrase. The aforementioned phrase is almost invariably uttered by one of four species of human, none of them endangered (though in some cases, one could hope), and all of them with a firm grasp of only the first part of Rauðbjorn’s Law (and no knowledge at all, of the corollary).

The first specie to utter the dreaded sentiment is the American Student (Discipulus Americus). This particular human is young, either post adolescent or early adult, and convinced that the older you are the more time you’ve had to either fuck things up, or forget what little you learned as an adolescent.

To the Student, Rights (note the capitalization) and the Constitution are a given, a naturally occurring phenomenon, that was inevitable, because it is the best of all possible worlds, and the basis of all evil. Rights are something meant to preserve the Liberties of the downtrodden, and should be applied to all mankind (making certain of course, that the American Hegemony does not spread its Konsumer Kulture Krap to the rest of the world). The average Discipulus Americus no more understands Life or Sacrifice than a Lemming understands Matrix Algebra. Typically one can (and in many cases should) ignore this creature, as she is typically only dangerous in large groups, and are easily distracted by bright shiny objects (baggies of marijuana, shitty macro-microbrew beers, offers of interning on the Ron Paul presidential campaign etc.). Should one feel indulgent, re-education can usually be accomplished with the expenditure of enough time and energy (I recommend four years at Uncle Sam’s home for Misguided Children).

Next on our list of asshats opinionated persons; incorruptus plumbeus sententia; the Professional Idealist. This species is not just dimorphic sexually but actually polymorphic, made up of a number of similar groups, each of which displays similar characteristics; a fervently protested belief in the constitution, intentionally segregated from certain other species (cops, soldiers, working folk), insanely high income relevant to their actual usefulness (unless you count portable food source, but that would be like eating sloth I think). Examples of the Professional Idealist include Politicians, Lawyers and certain categories of Academics. As a rule, I tend to avoid all genders of Incorruptus P. Sententia whenever possible. Remember boys and girls, stupidity is like radiation; dangerous and useful, but you don’t want to get any on you. The Professional Idealist sees the Constitution and Rights as tools to either protect or subjugate (depending on her breed and political leaning) the citizenry. Above all else, I. P. Sententia sees these things as objects to be manipulated.

NOTE: The Department of the Interior has recently released an advisory notice that the Professional Idealist population has boomed to dangerous levels, threatening not just it’s self, but other species of human as well. To restore a harmonious balance to the natural order of things, all state Fish and Game Departments are urged to order an open hunt on all members of this species, with no size restrictions and no bag limit. Please remember to only shoot what you can eat, and please eat what you shoot.

Third on our list of likely candidate for utterance of the dreaded phrase, Gunbunnies (Demens Apparatus Gastrophetes Americus). Gunbunnies can be divided into two groups; Shooters and Politicos and while many qualify as both, the difference between the two types is fairly obvious to the close observer. Shooters are usually concerned with the protection that the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution provide their lifestyle, while Politicos (sometimes called 2nd Amendment bloggers) are concerned that the government is going to eat everybody’s lunch. The only issue that can be found with the Gunbunnies is that they tend to assume that there are actually such things as Rights (more on this later). Other than that, Gunbunnies typically have their poop in a group and their shit wired tight.

Finally (and I hesitate to bring it up) there are Veterans (Custodiae Libertas). Veterans are sort of a sacred cow in America, so much so that often, social insanity, idiocy and general asshattery are ignored, drowned out in the golden light of SERVICE. If any member of the human race has the right to bitch about Rights and the state of the Constitution, it’s a Veteran. Any man (or woman) who willingly rides towards the sound of musketry, in defense of his country, and freedom is entitled to do damn near anything they want in my opinion. But. All too often I have noticed that many of the veterans I speak to (and I speak to a surprising number, after all I like to hang out at the Denny’s ™) rely on “I’m a Vet!” as the reasoning behind why they think what they do, and why they do. The Veteran (at least those members of the species that I have observed) tend to view the Constitution and Rights as an immutable bulwark against the Forces of Evil, a rampart used to defend freedom, and a bastion to protect the weak.

It is none of those things. I’ll let you in on a secret. There are no Rights. It’s true. Honest.

Merriam-Webster.com defines Right as: Something to which one has a just claim: as the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled. Merriam-Webster.com also defines Inalienable as: Incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred. Therefore an Inalienable Right is a privilege to which one is justly entitled and which cannot be violated.

So what the hell was the National Firearms Act of 1934, the Jim Crow laws, and the effectively unlimited imprisonment (without trial I might add) for Contempt of Court. All of these violate our “Rights”. Even if tomorrow, the government corrected the inequities of these laws (still in effect at least), the fact still remains that our Inviolable Rights were violated. Besides, do deer get to defend themselves with rifles (that’d make hunting a true sport). Does anyone really think that being eaten alive by wasp larvae is not cruel and unusual punishment? Does a TRO keep a Tiger from killing his cubs? In nature (and by extension life) there are no Rights, inalienable or otherwise. Or rather, there is only one Right; The right to try to survive, by any means possible. Anything else is an artificial framework of ideals. Ideals that we desire, because it keeps us from having to kill every sorry motherfucker that threatens the survival of us and ours (not that that’d be a bad idea mind you).

At least, that’s my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.


Gun Porn from the Gunshow

Went to the Gunshow over the weekend (August 2nd & 3rd), the overall turnout was lower than I expected, kind of weak actualy. But what can you expect when the total amount of advertising was one ad in the clasifieds, one 4 inch ad in the local "free"
paper and one internet ad. The Sullivan Arena, where the event was held didn't even carry it on their list of events. Most of the vendors were of the private and "garage sale" variety. Conspicuously absent were any of the "big" local gun stores.

One of the niftiest tables at the show was the Alaska Machine Gun Association expo. These guys are all about the recreational shooting of machineguns and are prepared to tell you all about how you too, can legally own, and shoot a machine gun. Their table (really a half dozen tables that took up the better part of an aisle was strewn with a huge assortment of grade-A bang-bangs. I've showcased here a few of the most notable pieces.

Here we have a Johnson Rifle, Model of 1941, arguably a superior weapon to the M1 Garand. Notable for both it's greater magazine capacity and it's ability to reload while still in battery, not many were made (unfortunately).

Here is a veritble eastern bloc history lesson, plus one (from left to right); Mosin Nagant M91/30 sniper, Škorpion vz. 61 chambered for .32 ACP), Vz. 52 Light Machine Gun, and the PPSh-41 Submachine Gun.

Up front is what was touted as a "Finnish re-finnished" AK-47 (I can only assume it's a Valmet 62), behind that is a modern take on a classic piece of hardware, the Steyr MG-74, direct descendant of the MG-42, and peeking shyly around the back is a STEN Mk II submachine gun.

While not a firearm this Morning Star was not entirely out of place, and indeed would be a welcome critter club in my household.

That's all for now, hopefully the fall show (October 11th & 12th, Palmer State Fairgrounds) will have a better turnout.


Rauðbjorn’s Law

Rauðbjorn’s Law : Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one.

Corollary to Rauðbjorn’s Law: Everybody thinks everyone else’s stinks.

Goin' to the Gunshow, I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.


Kill 'em All (I'm an Asshole)

I hate to say it, but I sometimes come off as a juvinile dumbass. I recognise this, and in an attempt to prevent any confusion, lemme lay it out for you.

I believe in efficiency, and effectiveness. This means that one strives to get the most work, with the least amount of effort out of any situation. so when I see things like this or this, my kneejerk response is "kill 'em all".

Like I said, juvenile dumbass.

I just think that when a house bomb is used to kill our soldiers, It is only prudent to demonstrate to the offending people just how unhappy we are with that act. I like thermobaric weapons like the BLU-96 for the job.

Snipers in town? I favor the mongol approach to city pacification (SEE: The Battle of Bagdad (1258)). After a couple of completely destroyed towns/cities (i.e. no two stones atop each other, only one citizen allowed to survive to spread the tale) the word will spread, that the Mujahdin bring only death to their own people. Pretty soon, civilians with guns will be killed by the townspeople, in order to avoid their own deaths. When the Mullahs and the Imams preach Jihad and praise the Shaheed, they will be censored, silenced ands even killed by the very people they intend to inflame.

Think about it, is it better to spend the lifeblood of our country in dribs and drabs, trying to pacify a region that historically is unplacatable or let a conquered people police their own country? Eventually, the Mujahadin movement will cease to function, if for no other reason than they will become synonymous with names like; Benedict Arnold and Vidkun Quisling. Given the choice of expending a several hundred American lives, or several thousand Iraqi, Iranian and Afghani lives, the choice is clear.

It's not that I'm a juvenile dumbass, it's just that "kill 'em all" is the most efficient response I can come up with.

Just my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions.


An Introduction to the Blogger

Ahoy there!

You can call me Rauðbjorn. I'm an average guy, living in The Last Frontier, and I decided to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, as the case may be) to express my beliefs and opinions in the hope that I would find that I am not alone in them. Before we start you should know a bit about me and my background.

My parents were college educated but neither was what you'd call priveleged, my father earning his degree while in the Air Force. I have lived in four radically different states (Idaho, Alabama, Alaska and Arizona), and hear me true when I say that Alaska was by far the best of the lot. I was raised as a Southern Baptist, but soon say the errors of my ways and since have found a better way in Asatrú.

I have always been a beliver in violence as a solution, but I also know that violence must be channeled and focused in order to be useful. I grew up reading Louis L'amour novels, tales of chivalry during the middle ages and stories about the samurai of Feudal Japan. I've leared a lot about each period of history since that's stripped the gilding from my childhood memories. Still, many of the concepts stick with me; Honor, Courtesy, Proficiency, Industry.

I am a student of history, philosophy and reality. I think that there are no things man was not meant to know, and that while it is not possible for any one person to know everything, all things are knowable.

I will enter into reasonable (and even unreasonable) discourse with anyone, on any topic ya'll care to name. From time to time I will posit my opinion on an issue, but you know what they say about opinions.