Seven Stylish Things....

So because of my friend Snarky I'm now consigned to tell you wonderful folks about myself. The rules of the game are simple. I tell you folks (both of you) seven things you probably don't know about me, and then I pick fifteen of you to do the same.

1. I am a Norse Heathen; specifically Ásatrú. I believe in the ancestral gods of my people, live by the Nine Noble Virtues and take the Havamal and the Sagas to heart. Make no mistake, I am not an Odinist nor do I feel that my gods are the only gods. I, uh, also tend to get a bit militant about religion. Not so much mine vs theirs, as much as "You leave me and mine alone and we won't re-enact Lindesfarne abbey, with you as the monks."

2. I have PTSD. No, I don't wanna talk about it.

3. I am not a nice man. Friendly, even gregarious at times, but not nice at all.

4. I have very high standards when it comes to friends. basically friends fall into three categories; acquaintances, friends and mates. Acquaintances are those I don't mind hanging out with or talking to but ultimately have zero impact on my life. Friends are important; the kind of people that you help move. Mates on the other hand are people for whom you'd move bodies for. I have few friends and even fewer mates.

5. I am a geek. I listen to filk music, I play roleplaying games, I play tabletop wargames and I write lovecraftian poetry. I know more about video games, comic books and cartoons than an adult should. I play board games and even make my own games. In many ways I'm still a kid at heart.

6. I could care less about sports. Football, handegg, basketball, hockey, rugby, baseball, cricket, all of it; could not give a fuck.

7. For a foodie, I am an unbelievably picky eater. Don't like Veg really. Oh I enjoy the occasional salad , and I like my mirepoix in soups and stews, but just a side of veg? Thank you, no. Also no organs; liver, sweetmeats, eyeballs, haggis, goat anus, none of it. Meat is meant to be cooked, even if only seared; sashimi is not food. Neither is steak tartar. Wine mostly tastes like good juice gone bad, and scotch tastes like rusty isopropyl.

Now for the hard part. Who do I know that blogs, who's not already been tagged?

Jigsaw at Jigsaw's Thoughts
Chris and Heather over at Arma Borealis
Trackerk who runs Geek Warrior
MeatAxe and Atom Smasher of Men Are Not Potatoes
The Minuteman himself Barron Barnett
Linoge of Walls of the City fame.
OldNFO at Nobody Asked Me...
Sailor Curt the Captain of a Crew of One
BobS owner/operator of 3 Boxes of BS

That's all the untagged bloggers I can think of. Now if they're just paying attention...


Julie said...

ouch ... okay stop poking me in the ribs ... I'll do it tomorrow ....

Julie said...

and thanks :)