My Faith in the Power of Metal has Been Restored

I quit listening to heavy metal back when Metallica became pansy artfags and Dave Mustane turned into a giant enema bag. A little White Zombie and some Pantera held me over, but that ended poorly. After that there was fuck-all to keep me in the scene. All the new stuff was screechy and derivative, all boring distortion and growlrock lyrics.


But the most wondrous Snarkstress (Straight from the Snark's Mouth) Introduced me to Iced Earth.

From there I discovered Texas Hippie Coalition

And my LastFM account on Xbox Live introduced me to Finntroll. Gotta love scandi-irish tradmetal.

Good listening y'all.


Snarky said...

I am awesome, and you are welcome.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

I have a soft spot for iced earth - A Question of Heaven and Burnt Offerings, especially. Oddly enough, I found them through songs they did with Blind Guardian - Winter of Souls, Gallows Pole, and Beyond the Ice, specifically.

Blind Guardian I first ran into through their album Nightfall in Middle Earth, which was mentioned by one of the members of Lake of Tears, whose album Forever Autumn I also love.

You may or may not like any of the above, but hey, if you're up to noodling around on youtube, can't hurt. :-)

Thanks for pointing me at Texas Hippie Coalition!

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