Doing it Right

My newsfilter coughed this up in my morning check.

Four guys housebreak this fellow, Larry James's home, smack him in the face and force him into the back at gunpoint, to open the safe and cough up the cash. In response James pulls his own piece and shoots two of them, one kicking, literally on his target's doorstep and the other at the gas station about two blocks away. Later the same day APD pick up the other two suspects and frog-march 'em off to the clink, charged with robbery, burglary, assault and conspiracy.

Larry James is not charged, which is as it should be.

When you take up arms against your neighbors, intending to apropriate their lives, property or freedom, this is what should happen. You pays your money and you takes your chances. In Alaska, chances are you get a bullet or a blade for your trouble.

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