Michael Moore is a Coward

Michael Moore, the documentary (ha!) film maker has shown himself to be a coward who would hide thievery behind the aegis of government. The video can be found at RealClear Politics but here's a transcript for those who's constitution is to frail to handle hearing Moore's bilge aloud.

"To me the solution is quite, quite simple. First of all, we're not broke. This country is not broke. The state of Wisconsin is not broke. There's a lot of cash in this country, trillions of dollars of it. But it's a finite amount, there's only so much cash. Alright? What's happened is, we've allowed a vast majority of that cash to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people. And they're not circulating that cash. If you don't believe that, go try and get a loan right now. They're sitting on the money, they're using it for their own st-, they're putting it someplace else. they have no interest in helping you, with your life, with that money.

We've allowed them to take that. That's not theirs. that's a national resource, it's ours, we all have this, we all benefit from this or we all suffer as a result of not having it and, and I think that we need to, uh, go back to taxing these people at the proper rates, um, um , uh, they need to , we need to see these jobs as something that we own, that we collectively own, as Americans. And you can't just steal out jobs and take them somewhere else."

First of all Michael, there is effectively an infinite amount of cash. The U.S. Treasury Department can print as much cash as they'd like, but it won't do a lick of good. Because cash is not wealth; it is a marker used to represent wealth. Even gold and silver and diamonds (as much as the government and the diamond cartels would have you think otherwise) is not wealth. Labor is wealth. Clean water and edible food are wealth. Arable land, timber land and sources of ore are wealth. Weapons and tools are wealth. Knowledge and the ability to make use of it are wealth.

And that's why you have "allowed the vast majority of cash to be accumulated in the hands of a few people" because they had knowledge and knew how to use it to *earn* all that cash. In some, relatively rare cases, this was done by the parents or grandparents of such a "hoarder" and was left to them or given to them.

Why should I or anyone else help you? You're none of my kith nor kin. Give me one good reason, and "because I want it" is not a good reason.If I should decide to sit on my cash, or invest it, or sew it into a shirt, or shred it to make into a merkin, what business is it of yours? Even should I increase the overall value of the US dollar by destroying all of my cash, how does this concern you?

But no. You would take from me and from others that which is ours. OK. I can get behind that. My ancestors were vikings and reavers but rather than come and take what you want by might or legerdemain or even charlatanism you would cover your greed with the color of law. Well be damned to you sir. If you want my money, you either earn it or come for it the old fashioned way; with a weapon in hand.

h/t to Gay Cynic, owner/operator of Free Thinker


lelnet said...

OMFG, I think I may actually be about to defend a statement by Michael Moore. Surely the apocalypse cannot be far behind. And yet, I must.

I won't speak of "the rich" in general. This is about banks.

The banks in this country are not sitting on piles of money because they _earned_ it. They're sitting on piles of money because they've snuggled up with the Federal Reserve, which is running the electronic "printing press" nonstop, lending out the new funny-money to banks in effectively unlimited quantity at near-zero interest, and encouraging the banks to re-lend that money, at non-zero interest, to the government.

Nice work, if you can get it. But then, getting intimately involved in keeping fed.gov's fiscal circle-jerk running has always been a remunerative enterprise. Has nothing to do with "earning" money, though, which would necessarily involve either performing or facilitating _productive_ activity.

Bryan Reavis said...

Matt, I cannot express the grief with which I tell you that you you are wrong. Stupid wrong. There is so much factually wrong with your comment that I am not even certain where to begin the fisking.

Your rambling (and completely wrong) understanding of the basic economic systems of our country are roughly equivalent to that of the Red Brigade's. Where do you think banks get their money for investing? From people like me, and you (I assume that you don't just stuff your money into a mattress). Banks do not issue currency, electronic or otherwise. To "print" unlimited amounts of currency as you claim would devalue the dollar making it effectively worthless.

I bid you, spend an hour or twelve at your local library, preferably in the non-fiction section and study up on economics, banking and the processes of the Treasury Department. Please avoid anything written by an "expert", as they usually aren't.