Lo, How the Mighty Have Fallen.

On the way in to work this evening past I picked up the puppy trainer. Mostly I wanted to check out the story on the Giffords shooting, see if there had been any developments. And you know what? There's only two sections in it. The front page section; local, national and international news. And the Sports section; sports, classifieds and the funny papers.

There was a time when my local paper was a whopping eight sections (nine on Friday, ten on Sunday). Now reduced to two sections. I also seem to recall that back before I went totally cellular for all my telephony needs, I got a call about once a week begging me to purchase a subscription, a weekend only one even.

I guess everyone else got sick of their whiny leftist agenda too.

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On a Wing and a Whim said...

I still check the Anchorage Daily Worker's site for local news, now and then, but I only bought it if I couldn't find a free Press to pack the glassware and dishes when moving.