Thoughtful Walls

Just thought I'd share some of the more thought provoking wallpapers I've found over the years. Many of these are strangely apropos for some of the blog posts I've seen recently.

Orwell was right. And seeing what's going on in the world this complaint seems justified. The next is just seemed to be a reminder of something that all too many people in the MSM seem to have forgotten. When you intentionally engineer language to mean anything what you say no longer means anything.

For those of you who don't know this Iconic image is of one Spider Jerusalem, Guerrilla Journalist. he is the leading character of a graphic novel series called Transmetropolitan written by the inestimable Warren Ellis and illustrated by one Darick Robertson. Spider Jerusalem makes Hunter S. Thompson look like a Sunday school teacher. And would agree wholeheartedly with the H. L. Menken quote presented here.

I found this next one on /k/ and while not exactly factual, the intent is true and pure; and like all true and pure things it's harder than Oðin's visage to live up to.

This last one is not really a wallpaper, but actual wall art stenciled on to a
building. I find that the sentiment expressed here rings true. "Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me, is a usurper and a tyrant and I declare him my enemy. Heady stuff.


Anonymous said...

In reading Atlas Shrugged, I understood that the book was meant to serve as a warning, even though it was a hyperbolic piece of literary garbage...

That said, I can easily see people like Our Glorious President reading it and thinking, "Y'know, I bet if I got enough of the right people, and thought about it hard enough, I could get that kind of thing to work..."

Scary thought indeed.

Bryan Reavis said...

Finally, someone else who thinks that Ayn Rand can't wite for shit.