Pic Dump: Hotter Than A Two Dollar Pistol

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An angel (of death) on the battlefield.

Hard Working Mama!

Grab yer SKS an' go inna woods!

I suspect that may be a tactical PVC pipe, but I'm not testing the theory.

Just hangin' out with some friends.

OK, the only reason I can see for buying that in such a hideous color is so it matches your piece.

Shorts, open carry and a Gadsen flag? I have got to meet this girl.

There's strong, and then there's army strong. And then there's this girl.

Tacti-cool, meet tacti-hawt.

Terrible trigger discipline. Hot as Muspelheim, mind you. But terrible trigger discipline.

Fight terrorism, support hot chicks with guns, er... I mean Israel.

I'll bet her Saiga brings all the boys to the yard.

See, this is what I call "celebrating diversity".

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