Moral Minority?

From Kevin via Uncle.

This test places you on a moral matrix to determine your political focus and affiliation. Dunno about that, some of the results being posted over at SayUncle
seem to indicate a broken algorithm. Anywho, I blew three minutes and wound up with this:

You scored 1.5 on Moral Order and -6.5 on Moral Rules.

The following categories best match your score (multiple responses are possible):

  1. System: Conservatism
  2. Ideology: Conservative NeoLiberalism
  3. Party: Republican Party
  4. Presidents: Ronald Reagan
  5. 04' Election: George W. Bush
  6. 08' Election: Ron Paul

Of the 643,188 respondents (11,582 on Facebook):

  1. 3% are close to you.
  2. 2% are more conservative.
  3. 3% are more liberal.
  4. 75% are more socialist.
  5. 18% are more authoritarian.

I do note that many of the definitions and explanations used make reference to religion. I assume that it means christian religion, and therefore many of the (already blurred) questions now have answers that do not represent what I actually believe. Despite the prima facie explanations used to help out the examinee.

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