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Sacramento police seize guns, ammo under new law

Apparently a July 2007 law has ammunition vendors registering ammo purchases (name and thumbprint) with the Sacramento PD. They compare this info to a database of those residents that are prohibited from owning fire arms (felons, drug abusers etc.). If the names match the PD goes out to check on the situation and are able to make arrests.

In the last 6 months, 74 firearms forbidden people have purchased ammo, 62 were prior felons, 11 were repeat offenders, a total of 53 people have been charged with felonies and a total of 56 firearms and 800 rounds of ammo have been seized.


I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, keeping guns away from critters (especially repeat offenders) is a good thing. On the other hand I cringe at the thought of anyone tracking anything having to do with guns, especially ammo since at first blush it's so innocuous. On the gripping hand I noticed at the bottom of the story, that the Brady Campaign endorses this law, and as a knee jerk reaction I'm inclined to oppose it just to get another toe hold on the slippery slope that is the Second Amendment battle.

I guess the idea is that since the Second Amendment does not guarantee a right to bear ammo, they think they can get away with it. Fairly certain the law actually violates the intent though.

I can see in the future, first the anti-ammo lobbyists manage to get the National Ammunition Registration act passed, requiring each case and bullet to be micro-etched with a serial number (raising the cost of ammo to $3-$10 a round). Soon there will be an "Ammunition Cooling-Off Period" prohibiting the sale of ammunition with a firearm, and that an ammo purchaser must clear their purchase with the BATFE and wait a mandatory 3 days before the purchased ammo may be picked up.

After that it's just a hop, skip and a goose-step to making it illegal to purchase ammunition in any caliber that will fit any assault rifle or matching gun ever produced. Sure there'll be hold outs. You know, the guy on the outskirts of your neighborhood that collects used brass, reloads his own shells and casts his own bullets. In response the Brady "Anti-Terrorist/For the Children/Change You Can Believe In" Campaign will restrict any-and-all explosive material as Anti-American and subversive as well as dangerous. The following year no person will be allowed to own anything that can be used to "fabricate a firearm, ammunition for a firearm, or accoutrement for a firearm" outlawing; metal, wood, plastic leather, natural and artificial fibers, sewing machines, electricity, power and hand tools, 2/3rds of the periodic table (including oxygen), and hands.

Thus ends civilization. With no way to do anything that might be dangerous to anything, mankind devolves to his earliest state.

Eatin' bushes.

So please for the love of civilization, stand against the Brady Campaign, and their subtle and insidious plot to end civilization as we know it.

Guns at church, college next on Georgia lawmakers' agenda

This on the other hand I know how to feel about. Ahem...


It seems that Georgia state senator Timothy Bearden (R-Villa Rica) and others support the right of citizens to carry firearms just about anywhere they please. Already legislation has been enacted that allows Georgians with CCW licenses to carry firearms in state parks, on mass transit vehicles and into restaurants that serve alcohol.

The newest round of legislation is aimed at allowing those with CCWs to carry in churches and on school campuses. The last time this was brought up (2007), the VA Tech shootings occurred, putting them on hold.

This legislation is spearheaded by GeorgiaCarry.org a gun rights group in that state. GeorgiaCarry.org is also responsible for a lawsuit in response to a federal judge's decision to make the non-secure area of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport a no-carry zone.

Looks like Georgia lawmakers might have their shit together after all.

At least that's my opinion. You know what they say about opinions.

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