Why is this even a question still?

I was roaming around the darker recesses of the internet when I stumbled across this infographic.  I thought it might be of some interest to you (click to embiggen).
As you can see it's a flowchart that was compiled from the comments on a Facebook poll.  It details the assorted arguments over same-sex marriage.  This particular argument is one of the things that makes me contemptuous of conservatives in general and republicans in specific.  Not that liberals/democrats are any better.

What it comes down to is, under our social contract (i.e. the U.S. Constitution) no person has the right to force another to live by a moral code not of their choosing.  An ethical code yes, but not a moral one.  That means that if I choose to marry a woman, a man, an eighteen year old or an eighty year old, it's no bloody business of yours.  So long as I violate no municipal, state or federal ordinance, I may do as I wish.  Any attempt to infringe on that, is a violation of the social contract.

Plus it really pisses me off.

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Competitive Advantage said...

God is powerful, that he can make things possible. If homosexuals are sinners then He made an action and condemned them, but He did not because He treated everyone as equal. The question of same sex marriage is still questionable and I don't know where to stand in this situation.