Bugger Melancholy, I'm All the Way to Choleric

So, things like this

and this

have been making me feel like this.

To avoid doing this

I've decided to post some lulz about the things that make me want to do this

to those responsible. So without further ado....

To which I repond

Ahh..the perils of home ownership.

All too many people on the internet (and IRL) are like this

To which I can only respond with

The lonliest politician, all alone on friday night....

WTF?!? Why is it looking at me? Make it stop! OH GODS, CONDITION BLACK!!!

Seriously, that's just creepy.

My response to all the incessant 1911/Glock arguments (and bollocks to your M&P).

As best I can tell, this is how Saudi's think of their women.

My only desired interaction with Eric Holder.

And becasue no lulz post is complete without a lolcat....

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