A Man's Road

A man (and by extention a woman) walks his own road. He shoulders his own burdens and accepts the concequences of his actions. A man does as he thinks is right and be damned to what's safe or polite or socially acceptable. A man does as he sees fit.

This means that if his course causes him to make others uncomfortable, or offends other's sensibilities. Well that's just too damned bad. Get over it, what are you a child? A man does what he feels needs to be done. Sometimes that means you win. Sometimes it means you lose. But losing and winning are of secondary import to whether or not you stood up to do what was right.

Sometimes walking a man's path is hard. It requires suffering and sacrifice. Other times it is easy, requiring nothing more than patience and love. But the important thing is that you walk it. That you be worthy of the respect that men show each other, and the respect you show yourself.

For that is the source of your honor; that you do what you know should be done. Despite what the mullahs and the mysoginists might say; honor is a thing you give yourself, and no man can take it from you. Even dead or broken, a man retains his honor.

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