Stormcrow's Warnings

With just over a week to go before we as a nation, reach the climax of our political nooner (a what a grudge fuck it has been too). I feel the need to voice my concern over what, or rather who we are about to elect to office. I cannot stress enough the need to thoroughly investigate your options. not just examination of the voting records, but look also into what kind of people your candidates really are.

Are they hypocrites (knowing or unknowing), oath-breakers (not just liars, which is a given in a politician), cheats, murderers (yes I'm talking to you people in Massachusetts) or just plain stupid? Walk around the old gal, kick the tires and slam the doors, really look under the hood. Consider this; Would you be willing to share a lot-line with your proposed elected official? I find that most of the politicians from my state fail that simple test (Tea Party included).

If you find your candidates to be completely unpalatable, use your option to write in a candidate that you can stomach. Just remember that your local laws may restrict who you can write in. After the tremendous write-in success of Snoopy in '68 and '72 California passed a law forbidding the entry of fictional characters on write-in ballots. But you can vote for someone you think would do a good job, or at least someone unlikely to completely screw us over.

Me? I'm looking at voting for Cthulhu. Why vote for the lesser of two evils?

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