Enough Lulz to Overcome My Melancholy

By Hoðr's emo bangs, it's been a heavy week. All work and no play makes Rauðbjørn a dull boy. So here's a bunch of images to make you lol. I know I did. Be advised, while not NSFW, some images may include profanity.

This pic should set the tone for your visit today.

Yes, this is an AK-47 made entirely out of bacon.

Yarr, me hearties! We'll be a match for any mall ninjas we meet now! Arr!

I feel this is self explanitory.

It's a wonder no one wants to ban them. Oh wait....

See! See how effective they are!

Guns for little girls.

Guns for big girls.

Call of Duty was never like this, the recruiter lied to me!

Advice to live by.

Ah, American ingenuity. It allows you to take common houshold items and turn them into a flamethrower. I love this country!

Yeah! And Chuck Norris too!

Bond: Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger?
Goldfinger: No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

Yes, yes it would.

I'll just leave this here.

That is a very talented man.

A horror-action-musical for the entire family.

We can't stop here man! This is BAT country!

You know that's what would happen.

Yo Dawg. I heard you liked....

I know how you feel guys.

Yes! I've been waiting to see that for three years! HA!

True, too true.

What? That's what it is.

I showed you that one to show you this one.

I'm not usually a big fan of lolcats, but well...

I have no words.

I never did like those things. I guess fluffy doesn't either.

You know it's true.

This pic is like the thread it describes.

After sorting through the pics for this I realized that my humor is not of the "family friendly" variety. These pics represent prehaps 2% of my humor archive. The rest is all NSFW. Wonder what that says about me?


Anonymous said...

You spend too much time on the chans.
You should come check out operatorchan, good community, tends to be relatively low on trolls.

Bryan Reavis said...

There's a reason I stick to /k/ most of the time. But I'll check it out.

Weer'd Beard said...

Meanwhile in Belarus....I LOST!

Funny shit!