The Soundtrack of My Life

Well, I no longer have an iPod, but I can list the top 15 songs I've been listening to pretty easy.  So, taking a cue from Tam and Wing, I offer up the soundtrack of my life, or at least the highlights of the last couple of months.

  1.  Return (Coming Home - Dreamside Remix Part I)
        by Cruxshadows
  2.  Kiss Me Deadly
         by Lita Ford
  3.  Boys Don't Cry
         by Norman Palm (cover of The Cure)
  4.  Holiday of Choice (Dead Kennedys vs. Fatboy Slim mashup)
         by Mad Mix Mustang
  5.  Last Caress
         by The Misfits
  6.  Marilyn, My Bitterness (v2.0)
         by Cruxshadows
  7.  Guns of Brixton
         by The Clash
  8.  Outta Me
          by Bikini Kill
  9.  Rebel Girl
          by Bikini Kill
10.  Heat of the Moment
         by Asia
11. 日々の音色
         by Sour
12.  Trolhammaren
         by Finntroll
13.  The Hunger
         by The Distillers
14.  County U.S.A.
          by The Clare Voyants
15.  Black Dresses
         by The Butchers and The Builders

When i looked over the list I was kinda amazed, not by what was on it, but by the order.  I'm certain I'd been listening to Punk more often than this.

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