Way to Rape the Fat Kid, People

If you haven't already, whatch this video and take a moment to reflect upon what has occurred.

The largish fellow who engaged in the herculean display of strength? His name is Casey. Casey, having been bullied and picked on (reportedly) his entire scholatic career decided, upon being battered by the smaller fellow, to fight back. When I first saw this vid I was jubilant.

"Yes!" I thought "This is the way it's supposed to work. The hyena fucks with the bear, and gets the shit kicked out of him."

Then I discovered that there was no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey had struck out. Owing to his school's "Zero-tolerance violence policy" young Casey was suspended for fighting. You see in many places (read, everywhere english is spoken)it is a violation of policy for one student to defend themselves against battery by another. This is a bad thing.

It teaches children that it's wrong to defend yourself. It tells people that should you dare to fight back against an oppressor, even justice will not serve you. It instills the attitude of "Don't bother trying, you can't win."

Violence is a physical extension of the will. It is an attempt by one party to compel another to do their bidding. It matters not what from the violence takes, or who employs it, the purpose is all the same. Whether it's the federal government compelling compliance with the law or school yard bullies making themselves feel better by making the weak and vulnerable suffer; the message is the same.

"You will do what I want or you will suffer."

The intelligent use of violence involves the complete demoralization of the target. The target not only loses this fight, but the will (and indeed the ability ofttimes) to fight in the future. This is part of the process of rape. The intent is not only to force the victim to bend to your will, but to not report the attack for fear of social repercussions; the shame and humiliation it brings to those that suffer from it. The questions of "Why did this happen?" and "Why couldn't I stop this?" occur to most people who are the victims of violence. This is a pretty widespread phenomenon. Victims of schoolyard bullying, victims of torture and survivors of sexual assault report similar introspective questions, usually without answers.

When a crime occurs and a third party facilitaties it, we call it aiding and abbeting or sometimes accessory before the fact.  Those who assist a criminal in his crime are accomplices. In most places an accomplice is considered just as guilty as the actual perpetrator. When a school intentionally creates an environment that encourages violence towards students by other students (such as encouraging students not to defend themselves), this is abbetting, if not aiding in the commission of a crime. Because that is what unwarranted violence is; a crime. use of violence is battery and threat of violence is assault, and whether commited by 14 year olds or 40 year olds, battery is a crime. And punishing people for defending themselves is at the very least a travesty of justice, if not an outright crime itself.

There is only one way to deal with such restrictions (social repercussions, self doubt and zero-tolerance violence policies) to your basic right to live. Fight back against your attackers. Stand up to bullies, refuse to accept blame when it's unwarranted. Learn to fight, learn to shoot and get licensed to carry concealed. Refuse to be a victim.

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Anonymous said...

I have only had to fight against two bullies as a little kid and got the respect I deserved from both afterwards. If I had not, I would not be the self-confident man I am today.

Now a lot older, I am well-armed, so that if a goblin threatens my family or me, the health of such an aggressor will be in doubt. I will not start a fight, but I will FINISH it.

The school should be sued silly for the creation of such a hostile environment. Children and adults do not give up the right to self-defense because of their location.